Payment Reminder for Goods and Services

First reminder for unpaid outstanding invoice after the provision of goods and services that have been overdue. Suggest that there may have been an oversight.

Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace

Standard terms and conditions for a website that has content creating features and interactive services. This is drafted in favour of the Company and the user deemed to have accepted them by using the service.

Packing List

This is a packing list to be used in international trade. A packing list records key information regarding goods that are being shipped, such as their weight, volume, and quantity.

Weight List

This is a weight list to be used in international trade transactions. It records the weight of the goods being shipped for the benefit of the forwarder and consignee as part of an international trade transaction.

Inspection Certificate

This is an inspection certificate to be issued by an organisation following inspection of goods to certify that the goods have been manufactured in compliance with the specifications as requested by the buyer.

Manufacturing Services Agreement – Subcontracting by Consignment

This Manufacturing Service Agreement is drafted for a Manufacturer to provide manufacturing services to a Client on a subcontracting basis through consignment to conform to the Manufacturer’s requirements. This is drafted as a service rather than the sale and purchase of products. This agreement is drafted in neutral form.

Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods

This is a set of Standard Terms and Conditions for the sale or purchase of goods providing a framework for individual sale and purchase transactions drafted in favour of the Seller.

Hire and Purchase Agreement

This Agreement is drafted for the purpose of a Hire and Purchase Transaction between an Owner and a Hirer. This agreement is drafted in neutral form and includes clauses relating to delivery, warranty, title and payment.

Referral Fee Agreement

Referral Fee Agreement where Referrer may refer potential customers to Seller for a referral fee on a non-exclusive basis. The referral fee can be fixed or as a % of the net value of goods and services. This agreement is drafted in neutral form.