Shareholders Agreement

Two Parties Shareholders Agreement to be entered into upon completion or establishment of the Joint Venture Company with standard clauses for minority protection. This agreement is drafted in Neutral Form.

Board Minutes of Meeting of Directors

This document can be used to draft the first board meeting minutes of a Company (after buying it off the shelf) to approve the initial subscriber, director, secretary, registered office, common seal and set up of the Company.

Board Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Minutes of Meeting of Directors – Board Meeting resolutions to open accounts with a bank, drafted from the perspective of the bank as standard form for Client

Shares Sale and Purchase Agreement

A sale and purchase (S&P) agreement between a Buyer and a Seller with no warranties. This is suitable for a simple sale/transfer of shares drafted in neutral terms.

Director’s Service Agreement

Director’s Service Agreement between Company and the Director as an employee of the Company. The director is paid a salary with specific director’s duties to perform.

Founder Advisor Agreement

This is a founder advisor agreement, wherein an adviser provides advisory/consulting services to the founders of a company.