Service Agreement – Consulting Work

A Consultant performing professional services with specific deliverables for Client in accordance with a professional charge out rate under a consulting agreement. This is drafted in Neutral Form.

Director’s Service Agreement

Director’s Service Agreement between Company and the Director as an employee of the Company. The director is paid a salary with specific director’s duties to perform.

Non-compete and Non-Solicitation Agreement for Employment

One way Non Compete and Non Solicitation agreement for employment. It imposes a unilateral non-compete and non-solicitation obligation on the employee. This is drafted in short and simple form to procure signing without negotiation. This is drafted in neutral form.

Employment Agreement (Junior Employee)

Employment Agreement between Company and Junior Employee without option for Junior Employee to purchase share options. This is drafted in favour of the Company.

Can I hire foreigners?

Yes, you can hire foreigners who have a valid work visa. The Hong Kong government advises employers to give first preference to the local workforce for filling job vacancies, but foreigners who possess special skills, knowledge or experience are allowed to enter and stay in Hong Kong for employment as professionals. As an employer, you … Read more

Can I hire students? Do I need to pay them minimum wage?

Yes, it is possible to hire students without paying them minimum wage.  A student employee is exempt from the Minimum Wage Ordinance. To qualify as a student employee, the student must be a Hong Kong resident enrolled in full-time education. There are 2 types of student employees, including the work experience intern and the student … Read more

What is a variation of an employment contract?

Varying an employment contract involves changing, removing or adding in terms and conditions of an employment contract after it had been signed.  It is possible for you to vary an employment contract, but you must have your employee’s consent and have a valid reason for doing so. Formalities for variating a contract Under the Employment … Read more