Privacy Policy (with GDPR)

Privacy Policy for Website or APP. Special wording has been inserted for European users under GDPR. User is deemed to have accepted them by using the service.

Internal Privacy Policy/ Personal Data Protection Policy

Template of an Internal Privacy Policy/ Personal Data Protection Policy for a company’s internal use. The policy aims to protect the fundamental right of privacy and act as a guidance for the employees to use the data they have collected

As an employer, what are my personal data privacy obligations?

If you are an employer, you may often need to handle personal data in performing certain human resource management activities, such as recruitment and management of former and current employees’ personal data. Hence, you should observe the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “PDPO”) as you are liable to protect the personal data of … Read more

Why do I have to mention cookies in my company’s privacy policy?

When users visit a website, that website downloads and collects pieces of data known as “cookies”. Cookies can help with marketing via tracking individuals’ behaviour once they leave the website. Information like user’s identity, webpages visited, language and/or display preference, transactions performed and items purchased are often collected and recorded. Cookies also help to track … Read more

What is personal data? What are the rules for processing personal data?

When you conduct your own business, you will most likely need to keep a considerable amount of personal information in your files. These can be names, credit card details and other account data that can identify your employees or customers. As this information is often used for meeting payroll, filling orders or performing any other … Read more