Assets Acquisition Agreement

An assets acquisition agreement between a Buyer and a Seller. This relates to the transfer of existing / used assets (e.g. equipment but not real property). This agreement is drafted in favour of the Buyer.

Factoring Agreement

A factoring agreement is used to finance a business. Under a factoring contract, the factoring company will temporarily purchase certain business assets and provide the business owner some money that they can use to fund and finance the business.

Advisor Agreement (for Service Fee)

Agreement between Advisor and Company whereby the advisor provides services to the Company in exchange for service fees. This is drafted in neutral form.

Deed of Adherence to Agreement

Deed of adherence for a new party to become a party to a Joint Venture / Shareholders’ Agreement by virtue of being transferred existing shares / allotted new shares.

Investment Agreement – Single Investor

An investment agreement is a contract defining the terms of investment which a single investor invests in a company owned by managers / founders. The agreement is drafted in neutral form.

What is a Convertible Bond?

A Convertible Bond is a short-term debt that converts into equity in conjunction with a future financing round. Convertible Bonds are bonds that can be converted into shares of the issuer at the discretion of the lenders. The lenders would receive equity in the company instead of principal plus interest like normal loans.  Purposes and … Read more

What is a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)?

A Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is an agreement between a company and an investor that grants an investor the right to obtain equity at a future date if the company sells shares in a future financing.  SAFE is a financing contract that start-ups can use to incentivise employees or to raise funds in … Read more