Waiver Request of Late Payment Interest

This is a waiver request of late payment interest. In this letter, the sender lodges a request to waive the interest because they went out of town during the payment period.

Request to Revise Tax Assessment

This is a request to revise the tax assessment. In this letter, the sender makes the request and explains the reason for that.

Time Apportionment Application

This is a Time Apportionment Application. In this letter, the sender provides the income and attachment of the time apportionment calculation for their accrued income. 

What is the Home Loan Interest Deduction?

Taxpayers can claim deductions for home loan interest (HLI) under salaries tax and personal assessment.  The taxpayer has to satisfy the following conditions before a deduction can be granted: you are the owner of the dwelling (either as a sole owner, a joint tenant or a tenant in common) and ownership is by reference to … Read more

What are elderly residential care expenses?

Elderly residential care expenses are the fees charged by the residential care home.  If the fees charged are fully met by the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme Allowance (CSSA), the taxpayer is not entitled to a deduction for elderly residential care expenses because s/he has not paid for such expenses. However, he/she may claim dependent … Read more

What types of personal allowances are available?

There are 7 types of personal allowances that are available: Married Person’s Allowance  Child Allowance Dependent Brother or Dependent Sister Allowance  Dependent Parent and Dependent Grandparent Allowance Single Parent Allowance Disabled Dependent Allowance Personal Disability Allowance Reference: https://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/faq/all.htm