Cease and Desist Letter (with Undertaking)

This is a letter of notice to inform a party that they are infringing on your client’s copyright. It gives a description of the details of the copyrighted work, and how is the infringing party encroaching on one’s enjoyment of their copyright. 

Copyright Licence Agreement

Copyright License Agreement whereby the Licensor grants the Licensee the right to use the copyright works for commercial production. This is drafted in Neutral Form.

Copyright Policy

This is a copyright policy issued by an employer to apply at the workplace. It sets the procedures and expectations to be followed by employees whenever dealing with copyright in the course of their employment.

Assignment Agreement

A simple assignment of intellectual property from the assignor and the assignee.

Is it illegal to download images from Google?

When you are conducting certain business matters and you need to download images from Google or other websites located in other countries, you need to be aware of whether you may breach the copyright of those images. Downloading images from Google Generally, if you want to download and use images from Google, you are not … Read more

What happens when the copyright owner passes away?

When the owner of a copyrighted work passes away, the work does not arrive in the “public domain” immediately. The duration of copyright protection of the work depends on when the work was created or published and when the copyright owner passes away. Under Hong Kong’s copyright law, for works created by individuals (rather than … Read more