Tenancy Agreement – Commercial

Tenancy Agreement for the lease of commercial property with options on rent free period and early termination. The term is generally less than 3 years. This is drafted in neutral form.

Mortgage Deed on Real Property

A Two-party Mortgage is a standard form of mortgage between the Mortgagor (i.e. the Borrower) and the Mortgagee (i.e. the Lender) in relation to a mortgage of real property provided as security by the Mortgagor for the loan facility provided by the Lender.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of a leased property?

The obligation to repair/maintain the leased property largely depends on what is specified in the lease/ tenancy agreement. To avoid unnecessary disputes, parties entering into tenancy agreements should clearly specify the obligations for repair and maintenance. Drafting the tenancy agreement A commonly adopted approach under tenancy agreements is that the landlord is responsible for external … Read more