Shares Sale and Purchase Agreement

A sale and purchase (S&P) agreement between a Buyer and a Seller with no warranties. This is suitable for a simple sale/transfer of shares drafted in neutral terms.

What is the difference between an asset purchase and a share purchase?

When purchasing a business, depending on what you are specifically buying and taking over, you will either purchase assets or shares in a business.  What is a share purchase?  A share purchase involves purchasing the shares of the company from the shareholders. On purchasing the shares, as a buyer, you take all of the company’s … Read more

What is due diligence and what does it include?

Due diligence is when potential buyers evaluate factors relating to a transaction, such as finances, assets, legal issues and external issues to gain a better understanding of the business. Essentially, it is a deeper dive investigation or audit into a specific situation/area relating to a business, that takes place before a formal contract is drafted … Read more

What are the main steps typically involved in a business/company purchase transaction and what legal documents are required?

Purchasing a business or a company indeed may be an easier option than starting your business from ground zero, but it is not an entirely automatic, straightforward process. Certain steps are typically involved in a business purchase transaction accompanied by their respective required legal documents.  A business/company purchase transaction can broadly be divided into three … Read more

What does it mean to purchase an existing business?

While starting a new business can be intriguing and exciting, the big downside is that you have to start from scratch. This is why some people opt to purchase an existing and established business instead.  This means that instead of setting up a completely new business from the ground up, you are skipping all the … Read more