Work Injury: How can I claim Compensation?

Employees may sustain injuries when working. This is particularly the case in the construction industry. In the following, we will show you a brief overview of when may an employee succeed in their compensation claim and what should both employees and employers do to treat compensation. 1 | Situations you can claim compensation In Employee’s … Read more

Employment Rights of Working on Holidays

Employers may encounter a sudden increase in orders and require employees to work on holidays. However, do you know whether an employee could be paid or not? We will list common FAQs to solve the question.  Difference between statutory holidays and rest days Effective from 2022, The Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57) requires all employees in … Read more

Understanding More About National Security Law

I. What is National Security Law in HKSAR? Ever since Hong Kong’s return to China on 1st of July 1997, article 23 of the Basic Law of HKSAR (“BL”) has been awaiting to be satisfied. Article 23 of the BL stipulates that Hong Kong SAR is obligated to enact its own laws to prohibit acts … Read more

How different is Singapore’s new Copyright Act, 2021 from HK’s Copyright Ordinance?

Singapore recently overhauled its copyright regime to adopt a new act in 2021. The 1987 Act was entirely reorganized to enhance protection of copyright in view of the various technological developments, which have greatly impacted how copyright works are created, shared, accessed and used. The new law also aims to future-proof the regime to cater … Read more

Employer’s Guide to Basic Employment Contract (Template)

The employer usually provides its form of employment contract template to the employee. This gives the employer significant advantages of including terms in favour of the employer into the employment agreement, as most employees would not seek to negotiate such employment agreement. Most employers, whether first time or seasoned, would want to ensure that all … Read more

How does the legal system work in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and the legal system is based on the rule of law and independence of the judiciary. Below, we expand on and discuss what it means for Hong Kong to be a “Special Administrative Region” in terms of its legal system: Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region … Read more

What is a Commercial Lease and How to Negotiate one?

Businesses need commercial property to generate profit through their sale of goods or services. However, for businesses to rent that property, they need to sign a commercial lease agreement. A commercial lease is a legally binding contract made between the company (the ‘tenant’) and the commercial landlord. Since commercial leases are different from residential leases, … Read more

Marketing or Unsolicited Spam Mail? Guide to Email Advertising Management

Email marketing is an essential marketing strategy for brands who wish to directly market their product/good and increase their sales. Email marketing involves companies targeting their consumers directly to increase brand awareness and the prospects of consumer loyalty. While email marketing has clear benefits such as being low cost, flexible and effective, consumer privacy is … Read more